The Eight Situpa, Chökyi Jungne (1700-1774)

8th-Situpa-Chökyi-JungneTHE EIGHTH TAI SITU was Chokyi Jungne, who was a doctor, an astrologer, a poet, an artist, a consummate scholar, and author of many texts. His famous Tibetan Grammar is still the foremost advanced text in practical use today. Chokyi Jungne founded Palpung Monastery in eastern Tibet, which became the monastic seat of the Tai Situpas as well as an important center of learning and culture. With his disciple Tenpa Tsering, he set up the Derge Printing Press that produced over half a million wood block prints. The work is of such fine quality that much of it has been reprinted in modern editions and circulated to Tibetan archives in libraries throughout the world.