Auspiciousness that Lights up the Univers

Ven. Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and translator Ari Goldfield taught this song to students during Rinpoche's 1998 teaching tour. Rinpoche gave the following introductions to the song during a teaching on August 8, 1998 at the Hardford KTC:

This twentieth century is the century when science and the economy have made incredible advances, so we need to make aspiration prayers that this material and technological advancement will be boons to world peace and world happiness. That is what this song is about.

In this song, the third verse says "The vision of Your wisdom [is amazing]," so this refers to the Buddha. There is one verse for the Buddha, the next verse is for the Dharma, and the next one is for the Sangha. Those are the three outer sources of refuge. The verse that follows that, about the yidams and the dharma protectors, are what's called the three roots. 


Namo Guru Hasa Vajra Ye!

You see that everything in samsara and nirvana
Is merely dependently arisen
You see the dharmata, the true being
That is the essence of all dependent arising
The power of your great insight
Fills the universe with auspicious light
Oh mighty Shepa Dorje
Please rise up now from within my heart.


Ground's basic nature transcends conceptuality


And like watermoons, appearances arise dependently
May everyone realize that this is true
And dispel the darkness cast by doubt and wrong view
And may their realization's auspiciousness
Light up the whole universe!

The vision of Your wisdom is amazing
You see just how things are, You see everything 
As parents love their children, so You love all beings
You bring us benefit and happiness
Your power makes disciples out of Your enemies--
May Your auspiciousness light up the universe!

For samsara's cause, clinging to 'I' and 'me',
The Dharma realizing selflessness is the greatest remedy
May all beings use it to pacify
Their confused belief that there is an 'I'
And by the power of this great happening
May auspiciousness light up the universe! 

The ways of ordinary beings, you have left behind--
Noble ones who realize reality, the true nature of mind
May you lead all ordinary beings
Who have not yet entered, to the path of peace
And by this may auspiciousness
Light up the whole universe!

May the yidams who bestow the siddhis
And the protectors who clear obstacles away
Eliminate all harmful conditions--
Everything adverse to the path
And by this may auspiciousness
Light up the whole universe!

May the noble path of nonviolence
Flourish in all the worlds there are
When beings meet and interact
May the connections they make be filled with love
And by this may auspiciousness
Light up the whole universe!

At the twilight of this century
That has been one of such prosperity
May struggle over wealth and gain
Disappear and not be seen again
Free from strife and violence
May all enjoy great abundance
And by this may auspiciousness
Light up the whole universe!

This has been a century
When science has advanced incredibly
Amazing and wondrous, these new machines
That have brought the gods' enjoyments to human beings
May they be used with skill supreme
To end violence and cause peace to reign
And by this may auspiciousness
Light up the whole universe!

May the sciences that explore outside
Be joined with the inner science of the mind
To excellently put an end
To mistaken views and confusion
And by this may auspiciousness
Light up the whole universe!

The source of all this auspiciousness
Is the true nature of mind, so luminous!
So may realization of mind, just as it is
Set the universe ablaze with auspicious excellence!

Through all of this auspiciousness
Wherever its light may be seen
With the love and the compassion
That make bodhicitta mind supreme
May this thought arise in everyone:
"Other beings' happiness is as important as my own"
And may excellent virtue and auspiciousness
Always increase, never diminish!


On December 29, 1997, in the Garden of Translation near the Great Stupa of Boudhanath, Nepal, this was spoken extemporaneously by the one only called "Khenpo," Tsultrim Gyamtso. Translated by Ari Goldfield.

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