Sweet Melody for Fortunate Ones

Om Swasti. The right-turning conch of pure compassion in body, speech, and mind

Pours forth a stream of good intentions that never change.

Thereby, may a sweet, resonant melody beyond compare, such music for the ears,

Open the lotus petals of virtue, excellence, and goodness.

It has the supreme name of the Wish Fulfilling Tree, the ambrosial one.

Musical tones of this stainless tree, granting every wish, are dulcet and pleasing.

Throughout its branches the gems of lasting happiness nestle among their leaves.

Sovereign in our realm, may the world be resplendent with the beauty of this tree.


Aspiration for Tibet

A chain of fragrant flowers, these snow mountains are tranquil and fresh.

In a healing land where white incense rises sweet,

May the gracious beauty of luminous moonbeams, light of the spiritual and temporal world,

Conquer all strife, the darkness of the shadow side.


Aspiration for the Dalai Lama

Inspiring festivals of merit in the Land of Snow,

You are the Supreme One holding a pure white lotus.

With the beauty of all good qualities, a treasure for eyes to behold,

May your life be long, steadfast as a diamond vajra.


Aspiration for Culture and Knowledge

The most excellent virtue is the brilliant and calm flow of culture:

Those with fine minds play in a clear lotus lake;

Through this excellent path, a song line sweet like the pollen's honey,

May they sip the fragrant dew of glorious knowledge.


Aspiration for the World

Over the expanse of the treasured earth in this wide world,

May benefit for beings appear like infinite moons' reflections,

Whose refreshing presence brings lasting welfare and happiness

To open a lovely array of night-blooming lilies, signs of peace and joy.



Descending from a canopy of white clouds, the gathering of two accumulations,

May these true words, like pearled drops of light or pouring rain,

Falling in a lovely park where fortunate disciples are free of bias,

Open the flowers of friendship so that well-being and joy blossom forth.


These words of aspiration, sprung from a sincere intention, were written down by Urgyen Trinley, the one who bears the noble name of the Karmapa, while he was escaping from Tibet. One night in the illusory appearance of a dream, on a lake bathed in clear moonlight and rippled with blooming lotus flowers serving as a seat for three Brahmins who appeared wearing pure white silk and playing a drum, guitar, flute and other instruments. Created in pleasing and lyric tones, their melodious song came to my ears, and so I composed this aspiration prayer with a one-pointed mind, filled with an intense and sincere intention to benefit all the people of Tibet. Within a beautiful and auspicious chain of mountains, this land of Tibet, may the sun rays of the supreme aspiration for awakening swiftly appear.

This song and the yig chung that follow it were written by the Seventeenth Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje. Translated under the guidance of Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche by Michele Martin, copyright © 2000; headings inserted based on the commentary of Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.