A Lamp Aspiration


Dharmakaya, unchanging unity of appearance and emptiness,

Vast expanse of youthful, great bliss,

Sky of spontaneously present joy free of defilement,

Bestow a feast of unchanging goodness upon us.


Through the seeds of inherently pure virtue

That arise from even a bit of glorious goodness,

And the bright smile of virtue revealed

By offering the light of these lamps to the three jewels,

May the well-being of a golden age arise

In this realm of the thousand-petalled lotus.


May this time of warfare and disputation be pacified.

May auspicious excellence, prosperity and goodness flourish.

Especially, throughout the land of America,

May the youthful lotus of teaching and practice bloom.

May innumerable oceans of realms be filled

With the melodious roar of the profound secret.


In response to the request of Tenzin Chonyi, whose good intentions are peerless, this was written by Ugyen Trinley, who bears the crown of the name Karmapa, on the 16th of August 1999. May it be auspicious. Copyright 1999 Karma Triyana Dharmachakra.