Third Kalu Rinpoche

Third Kalu Rinpoche

DURING THE MONTHLY fulfillment offerings to Six-Armed Mahakala on September 17, 1990, the flower of his perfect form first blossomed in Darjeeling, India. He was born without any harm to his mother. Among other numerous significant, wonderful and wholly positive signs arising with his birth, his monastery at Sonada was covered with a canopy of rainbow clouds. Even then, some faithful patrons of his previous incarnation felt unusually joyful, both physically and mentally, upon simply seeing the child's face. From that moment, persons near and far spread the news: "The Supreme reincarnation of our spiritual master has been born!"

The child naturally comported himself in a manner surpassing the behavior of other children. His greatest joy was found in playing the various ritual musical instruments, such as ra-gung (long horns) and gya-ling (short horns). As the child grew, his character revealed peacefulness, discipline and complete fearlessness; and it was evident to all that he had previously cultivated the spiritual path.

When in July of 1992, the new incarnation was invited to visit the Buddhist meditation centers founded in France by his previous incarnation, the disciples and many other persons who met him were amazed and moved to faith by his presence. In December of 1992, he made his first pilgrimage to the supreme sacred place, the Vajra Seat (Bodh Gaya in north-central India).

Although still very young, he attended daily the great gathering to recite The Aspirations of the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra; played, at the head of the assembly, the ritual hand drum and bell proficiently; prostrated and made offerings to the representations of the Buddha's body, speech and mind; and gave gifts to the beggars there without having been taught to do so. His natural pleasure in doing these acts astonished everyone and led them to feel faith in him.

On February 25, 1993, Kalu Rinpoche was enthroned at a profound and complete ceremony of investiture.

In June 1995, Kalu Rinpoche Yangsi made his first visit to North America, accompanied by Bokar Rinpoche. During their stay at Kagyu Thubten Chöling Monastery, Kalu Rinpoche Yangsi participated in conferring the empowerments bestowed by Bokar Rinpoche, as well as the daily chanting assemblies. When Kalu Rinpoche Yangsi and Bokar Rinpoche visited the stupa site, they gave a spontaneous performance of Tibetan sacred dance (Tib. cham), said to have the power to pacify discordant forces.

In 2008, Kalu Rinpoche completed the traditional three-year three-month retreat.

Excerpted from an account written by Bokar Rinpoche.

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