About Us

The monastery was built through the blessings and inspiration of His Holiness the 16th Gwalya Karmapa, the Head of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. His Holiness' vision came in response to the sincere supplication of students in the West who yearned for an authentic Tibetan Buddhist monastery for the study and practice of the Buddha's teachings.

To this day, the 16th Karmapa's vision is being fulfilled as the "whispered lineage" (Kagyu) teachings which are preserved in their purity and made available to students in the West who wish to learn Tibetan Buddhism.

The monastery combines traditional Tibetan design with modern construction techniques. The main shrine room occupies more than 2400 square feet and is designed to accommodate major teachings and practices. The main shrine room is dedicated to Shakyamuni Buddha and features one of the most beautiful statues of the Buddha in the world. There are many other shrines in the monastery, including the Tara shrine room, used for daily chanting and meditation practice, personal shrines in the quarters of His Holiness, and lineage protector shrines flanking the main entrance to the monastery. There is also a large area on the first floor designated to become a library for the study of sacred texts.